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           Ocean Freight Forwarding (Worldwide Service)

           Air Freight Forwarding(Worldwide Service)

           Triangle Transportation

           Bulk project Transportation

           Refrigerated Cargoes Traffic

           Inland Haulage/Distribution





           Chartering Brokering

           Pick-up /Delivery service

           Door to Door service





   1. Export


          Regardless of the region and kind of the cargoes, whenever

        and whatever we transport our clients precious cargoes
        safely, quickly, correctly with the most competitive
        logistics cost and most advanced EDI system.


    1) LCL consolidation

    2) Dry Container (FCL)

    3) Reefer,Open Top, Flat Rack Container

    4) Project/ bulk cargo

    5) Heavy cargo and lengthy cargo

    6) Door to door service

    7) Charter/ broker service

    8) Inland trucking/ Pick-up service

    9) Clearance/custody/haulage service

    10) Packing/ banding /discharging service

          11) Buyer’s consolidation(LCL/FCL


   2. Import


    We manage client’s import cargo completely and provide
    full service through plentiful experience, special system and
    worldwide agent network.


    1) LCL consolidation

    2) Dry container

    3) Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack Container

    4) Project /Bulk Cargo

    5) Heavy/ oversized cargo

    6) Dangerous goods

          7) Military material

          8) Door to Door Service

          9) Clearance/storage/haulage/unloading service





    Within the quickest time, we carry goods to a final destination
    safely and correctly and we provide best service with
    systematic operation.


    1) Air cargo consolidation

    2) Pick-up/Delivery service

    3) Packing/custody/clearance service

    4) Door to Door Service International

    5) Door to Door Service Domestic

    6) Assistance with Documentation

    7) Packing and Crating Services

    8) Customs Clearance

    9) Warehousing and Distribution

    10) Cargo Insurance


          No one else in Korea provides better air freight service than
SAMWOO LOGISTICS CO., LTD. SAMWOO’s integrated network
          is geared up to speed and documentation to customs entry
         and final delivery to the consignee.




          We have lots of experience and know-how in forwarding from
         China, Indonesia,. Peru, Philippine to Europe, America, Asia area
         and serve repidity and convenience for a cargo owner through
         systematic and correct management



    We provide international combined transportation service and
    always consider first cargo owner’s convenience which is pick-up/
    delivery of export goods, quick clearance, packing, storage, discharging ets.



      Our logistic services include:

          1.Dovetailing with existing Seafreight and Airfreight Imports

          2.Computerised Warehouse Control System

          3.Export packing facility

          4.Clean, efficient, safe and well organised warehouse offer peace of
              mind while your product is in our cargo

          5.Distribution to all areas



           We provide sea & air/sea & sea service to main European cities via
           Canada and to U.S.A, Europe and Asia via China.



    Regular Korean wide road transports are known as reliable and safe routes.
    We offer weekly departures to and from Korea. Our door-to-door international
    air parcel service for transport of small shipments is very simple and convenient.
    Charges are based on an easy-to-understand calculation and are economical;
    Procedures are equally straightforward. You can trust SAMWOO to take the
    same measure of care with shipments to your family and friends overseas
    as you would yourself.



    SAMWOO has striven to meet its principle of offering fast, efficient and efficient
    and reliable service through integrated logistics transportation encompassing land, sea and the railroad while maximizing synergy effects strategical located near the major Korean ports.




    This highly innovative service, developed by our company in the mid 90s, meets
    the needs of the business community who trade with the Europe and North and
    South America. It is a worldwide freight service that is faster than all water and
    more economical than all air. Goods are consolidated and transported in
    exclusive-use ocean containers from origin to a gateway that is approximately
    held the total journey. At this gateway, the ocean containers are devanned and
    the contents transferred to air carriers, (usually within 24 hours and during
    the weekend), who then carry the cargo to the closest destination airport.
    From the closest destination airport, goods are cleared and delivered to
    the consignee.


    This service provides a faster transit time than an all-water service as well
    as a more competitive price. This service is most suited to Far east customers
    who import goods from the Europe, America and the Latin America. FCL
    and LCL shipments are routed via North America in exclusive-use ocean
    containers and reloaded into new containers that are either dispatched by
    direct sailings or in a combination that includes a North American landbridge.



    Less costly that direct airfreight, this service provides longer transit time,
    as it involves a transshipment en route. All cargo is containerized and often
    includes the use of exclusive full aircraft charters.



    Exhibition forwarding, project work, and full vessel chartering are all part
    of the services offered by our Special Projects. Nothing is too large or
    impossible for this innovative division.